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With each article I’d like to bring you a little closer to understanding, and then achieving affiliate marketing success.  To the snappy affiliate marketeers I work with, success is measured by how passive their affiliate revenue is, against the volume of sales and the way by which affiliate product  sales add value to their website asset by reeling in more traffic. 

In my post Creating and Marketing E-Books’ , I described Scenario 1: You have an online information website or business, with no downloadable products for sale.

Let’s now lift the lid off Scenario 2: You have your own downloadable information product(s) available to sell from your website, and wish to promote the sale of these to a larger network of affiliate resellers who will display your product for sale on their website or blog.

What could your downloadable information product be?

  1. Articles that you have written that contain valuable content which has been compiled into a downloadable  pdf eBook
  2. Open source eBooks  that have expired copyright are a quick and easy way to create a valuable, quality production when you and add your flair and expertise to the eBook. Plenty to choose from at or Please check copyright in the countries you intend to sell in, and acknowledge the original author and Gutenberg.
  3. Polished screen recordings, suitable for training products, created in programs such as Camtasia
  4. Audio recordings, often suited to fitness or mind power programs with great royalty-free backing tracks from or similar.

How does the sales process work?

You have two choices here ladies and gentlemen, with the ultimate decision dependant on how easy it will be for potential customers to find you and to pay you. You could build an affiliate program into your existing website and personally seek, recruit and motivate resellers of your product. Alternatively, you could load to an affiliate marketplace where affiliate resellers are snooping around, awaiting fresh products like yours to resell on their websites. I’ll take a punt and work with the second option, the affiliate marketplace, as this will be a cost and time efficient way for you to test the market.

So, from woa to go:

  1. Research the viability of your product and find your niche
  2. Develop your product
  3. Build a captivating product sales page on your blog or website
  4. Write the blurb that displays your product to affiliates in the affiliate marketplace and determine the product price and commission payable to the affiliate reseller
  5. Select an affiliate marketplace where you will load your product. As you continue to develop more products for sale in this way, you will benefit from staying with the same affiliate program
  6. Load the product to the selected affiliate marketplace, such as
  7. Keep your website sales page fresh and bubbly with new keywords and product reviews.
  8. Review your process, measure your success, and consider doing this all again with consecutive products.

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