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In a previous article, ‘Entering Global Markets from Home’  I had introduced three scenarios of effective affiliate marketing that could apply to your current position and enable you to sell your expertise or story globally.  Let’s look at Scenario 1 – You have an information business that is online, with no downloadable products for sale. Converting your information to a downloadable product of value to potential customers can take several forms, and needs to consider your target audience.

Entering Global Markets from Home

Enter global markets whilst living on the beautiful Sunshine Coast Since my previous article about affiliate marketing as a revenue source for websites, I have received questions from readers about a variety of scenarios. In each case, specific details were asked about the set up for affiliates and the mix of technical and marketing aspects involved.  I’d like to share these case studies with you. Scenario 1: You have an online information website or business, with no downloadable products for sale. You wish


Issue 25 ‘Affiliates’ – by Regi Dittrich Imagine this – you have an information product that you believe the whole world should see and desire. You want minimal to nil production and advertising costs and you don’t want to wait until you draw a crowd to your website. Pure and simply, Affiliate Marketing is a way to achieve this. If you have a downloadable product that has valuable, desirable and unique content, there are many website/blog owners who enjoy selling your product for

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Grow Online Gurus We are a specialist team of professionals who apply unique strategies that explore every opportunity in online marketing to turn ideas into income and passion into profit. Offering clients the tools and knowledge to perpetually create their success, is our focus. Regi Dittrich Bio Business Mentor: Sunshine Coast Business Women’s Network, 2009, 2010 Business Mentor: Queensland State Development, Mentor For Growth Program, 2009, 2010, 2011 Nationally Recognised Trainer: Diploma of Project Management, Diploma of Business Management. Regi Dittrich, leads Grow Online Gurus.  Her unique

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