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We are a specialist team of professionals who apply unique strategies that explore every opportunity in online marketing to turn ideas into income and passion into profit. Offering clients the tools and knowledge to perpetually create their success, is our focus.

Regi Dittrich Bio

regi dittrich, online marketing business, website business development sunshine coast Business Mentor:
Sunshine Coast Business Women’s Network, 2009, 2010

Business Mentor:
Queensland State Development, Mentor For Growth Program, 2009, 2010, 2011

Nationally Recognised Trainer:
Diploma of Project Management, Diploma of Business Management.

Regi Dittrich, leads Grow Online Gurus.  Her unique and intuitive marketing methods create success for each of her clients. This success is further powered by an intimate understanding of the technical aspects of websites, widgets and the online environment.

Regi develops and deploys tactics that drive customers to the online ventures of her clients, motivating the site visitors to take action and building the foundations for rewarding relationships for her clients, such as affiliates, drop shippers, sponsors, advertisers and other referral partners.

Offering clients the tools and knowledge to perpetually bolster their online business revenue and traffic, is her focus.  Here are a some examples:

Press release strategy ensures that clients get around 100,000 page impressions per release.
Online networking campaigns reach around 900,000 subscribers, so you can understand why her clients have experienced substantial growth online.

Book marketing campaigns have achieved international bestseller status.

New online projects reach a global rank within the top 500,000 in the first month of launch; that’s out of around 240 million websites on the internet.

Regi and her team at Grow Online Gurus currently enjoy close and ongoing relationships with their clients. Each project is managed to meet timelines, budgets and most of all the quality and performance outcomes of her clients. Regi also joins corporate teams as their business coach and mentor.  ‘When we plan it, we can achieve it! ‘

Armed with a background in training, Regi specialises in marketing and competitor analysis, online and offline marketing strategies, business systems, business management and online communication training for corporate clients, staff and students of TAFE Colleges and training centres in Brisbane and on the Sunshine Coast, Queensland, Australia for close to 18 years.

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