Issue 25
‘Affiliates’ – by Regi Dittrich

Imagine this – you have an information product that you believe the whole world should see and desire. You want minimal to nil production and advertising costs and you don’t want to wait until you draw a crowd to your website.

Pure and simply, Affiliate Marketing is a way to achieve this. If you have a downloadable product that has valuable, desirable and unique content, there are many website/blog owners who enjoy selling your product for a commission. Converting your service or product to a downloadable resource will require some creative thought, however is worthwhile if well researched. When I explain this to clients I get some very standard questions:

Q: What can I sell in the affiliate marketplace?
A: You can sell information. In most cases the information you sell would be closely tied to your profession, expertise or passion and this would be something you have researched and experienced well enough to be able to offer valuable information about. This information can then be converted into a downloadable e-book.

Q: Do people really read e-books?
A: Recently Apple sold its one millionth iPad, just 28 days after the device was introduced. Amazon stocks over one million eBook titles and offer the Kindle e-reader, while Barnes and Noble have an emerging eBook section and promote the Nook e-reader. Short answers – yes.

Q: How do I find affiliates to sell my eBooks?
A: You can recruit your own affiliates by researching potential resellers based on a criteria defined by their traffic, existing content, who they are targeting and whether they have complimentary products on their site. Alternatively you can join an Affiliate Marketplace. This is where Affiliates (the resellers) meet the Vendors with the product that they believe the whole world should see and desire.

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