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In a previous article, ‘Entering Global Markets from Home’  I had introduced three scenarios of effective affiliate marketing that could apply to your current position and enable you to sell your expertise or story globally. 

Let’s look at Scenario 1 – You have an information business that is online, with no downloadable products for sale.

Converting your information to a downloadable product of value to potential customers can take several forms, and needs to consider your target audience. Currently in the lead as favourite downloads globally are eBooks and audios. Amazon currently lists over 677,000 eBook titles. To support this new style of reading are over a dozen models of eBook reading devices that have WiFi capabilities.  This does not include smart phones with similar on-screen capabilities. “Now more than ever before, you have the ability to sell your knowledge or story to a global market that can gain instant download access to your eBook.” 

What information will you convert to an eBook?

While you are most likely an expert in your area and have great information to share, what do readers really want to read? I recommend using the larger international online booksellers as an indicator.  If your expertise is corporate fitness training for example, let’s look at what sells best online on Amazon or Barnes and Noble in this area, and isolate your niche. A moderate number of results, combined with research into what is not being covered by books currently in this market space, is a good starting point.

Where will you sell your eBook?

You can sell your eBook on your existing website, if the content is relevant. Sales activity will increase website ranking. Create a dedicated page for the eBook.


You can create a blog with relevant content – a simple process involving domain name, hosting, a blog content management system such as the free WordPress, and your content that pitches you as an expert in your area. Also create a dedicated page for the eBook.

Join an affiliate reseller network such as (around $50 fee to join as an author).  Submit your eBook for sale in this marketplace and decide on a price and commission you would like to offer resellers. To this point your focus would be to make the eBook attractive for the end user. Here however, you are wanting to attract resellers to display your eBook on their site. The resellers are looking for creative, fresh content, and of course nice commission rates. They will list your eBook on their site and buyers then links to your website or blog page. This is a good search engine optimization strategy.

How will I make the eBook?

The most commonly supported files used by eBook readers are .pdf, .txt, .epub and .html. If you intend to narrate your eBook to make it available as an audio book, then .mp3 is most widely supported.

Using publishing guidelines similar to print books, your eBook can be developed in Word format, including images and diagrams, then converted to pdf.

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