Knowledge is Growledge

//Knowledge is Growledge

Knowledge is Growledge

Just as knowledge is the act of knowing, would you consider using the phrase ‘growledge’ as the act of growing?  

As business owners we tend to focus primarily on what we need in order to grow, more than on what we need to know. Knowledge empowers us and therefore enables us to make the right growth, financial and strategic decisions.

I recently had a chance to face the back of a workshop and spoke to business owners about online marketing. ”In this case, their soft skills far outweighed their hard skills in this area, and this placed them in a position of vulnerability” 

Implementing each online business idea can cost upwards of $5000 or it can cost you nothing but hosting and a domain name.

How many bright ideas do you have? Sunshine Coast is recognized as a hub of innovation and entrepreneurial talent, and with this in mind business owners are likely to generate an average of four bright sparky new concepts each year. These may be improvements or additions to current operations   or life-changing new directions. 

To test each new concept online, after its viability test, can either cost you from $5000 upwards or can cost you next to nothing. The difference is how much you are willing to do yourself based on how much you know.

If for example I had a rush of blood to the head and decided that underwater knitting would be a popular recreational activity on the coast. After creating a 3 page website that will cost you nothing.

As you are the foundation of your business success your ‘knowledge’ (the act of knowing) and ‘growledge’ (the act of growing) are like the heart and pulse, bricks and mortar of your business.


When you combine knowledge and growledge you have structure, similar to the sustainable structure of a tree. Would here be an appropriate place for me to introduce the next concept, foliage??? 

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